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Laser Nozzles


Lumonics & Raytheon Fine Focal Barrell (Break-a-way)..Nylon Material..Made to customer Print


Base - Mazak# 46523300080

MZK0230 Breakaway Bar 89mm - Mazak# 36602300230
MZK0510  Tip Adapter - Mazak# 46603350510 

Nozzle Tip 1.7mm - Mazak# 46603350517

MZK0580  Ball Transfer Bearing - Mazak# Z21KV00580 
MZK0850  Copper Nozzle Body - Mazak# 46683300850 
MZK1070  Brass Base - Mazak # 46683301070 
MZK1080  Teflon Spacer (LONG LIFE) - Mazak# 46683301080, 27 x 5.5 
MZK1090  Teflon Spacer (LONG LIFE) - Mazak# 46683301090, 30 x 4 
MZK1100  Copper Nut - Mazak # 46683301100 
MZK1110  Central Copper Body (Lower Bracket) - Mazak # 46683301110 
MZK1120  Teflon Spacer (LONG LIFE) - Mazak# 46683301120, 24 x 3 
MZK1130 Teflon Spacer (LONG LIFE) - Mazak# 46683301130, 24 x 4

Aluminum Body - Mazak # 46683301140

MZK1170  Connector Kit - Mazak # 46683301170..Pre-assembled assemblies 
MZK1841  Teflon Nozzle Body Cover, Mazak# 46683301841 
MZK1851  Cover - Mazak# 46683301851 

Cover Cable Connector - Mazak# 46683301910

MZK1920  Cover Clip - Mazak# 46683301920 
MZK1980  Short Connecting Cable for sensor head - Mazak# 46683301980 
MZK3200  O-ring external base - Mazak# J2600S03200 
MZKSP101  Mazak Sytlus Pin (Breakaway bar)..#36572300101 
NLR7002  Lumonics Laserdyne P/N# 600927-002 - Brass Nozzle Lock Ring - (.815" dia x .125" thk - O.D. Knurled, Thread 5/8 - 32) 

Rofin CO20 (LSM240) Brass Nozzle, Brass w/ solder lugs, 2.779" long x .316" x 1.009", .221" orfice


Cincinnati Nozzle Tip # PLCFFN0058 - .040 orfice

NZ0321  Cincinnati Retainer Nut # PLTRA0321 
NZ0423  Lasag Graphite Nozzle 
NZ0565  Precitec Ceramic Nozzle Holder #280565 
NZ0682  Laser Mechanisms Nozzle #PLGJT0682..1.5mm orfice, 9mm x .5 thread 
NZ0880  IPG Laser Copper Nozzle #216-20880-B - .665" length x .315" OD / .311"  x .079" ID Tapered 

IPG Laser Copper Nozzle #216-20881-B - 1.217" length x .315" OD / .236" x .079" ID Tapered

NZ1001  Laserdyne Copper Nozzle 1.2mm orfice (Tapered Tip) #603-271-001..Length: 2.96" x .725" x 5/8-32 thread x .045" Orfice 
NZ1002-1.2  Laserdyne Copper Nozzle 1.2mm orfice (Straight Tip) #603-271-002..Length: 2.96" x .725" x 5/8-32 thread x .045" Orfice 
NZ1002-1.5  Laserdyne Copper Nozzle 1.5mm orfice (Tapered Tip) #603-271-002-1.5S..Length: 2.96" x .725" x 5/8-32 thread x .060" Orfice 
NZ1002-2.0  Laserdyne Copper Nozzle 2.0mm orfice (Tapered Tip) #603-271-002-2.0..Length: 2.96" x .725" x 5/8-32 thread x .080" Orfice 
NZ1252  Mitsubishi nozzle, 2.5mm orfice 
NZ16010  Raytheon Aluminum Apertures 
NZ16012  Raytheon Aluminum Nozzle .655" long x .050 orfice (.555" long to edge of barrell)..(Made to customer print) 
NZ16062  Raytheon Aluminum Nozzle 1.73" long x .062 orfice..(Make to customer print) 
NZ16062-M  Raytheon Aluminum Nozzle 1.73" long x .062 orfice - Modified with no flange..(Make to customer print) 

Raytheon Copper Nozzle 1.73" long x .062 orfice..(Made to customer print)

NZ16064  Raytheon Copper Nozzle 1.73" long x .032 orfice..(Made to customer print) 

Mitsubish Nozzle #W1626 - 1.0mm orfice

NZ1627  Mitsubish Nozzle #W1627 - 1.2mm orfice 
NZ1628  Mitsubish Nozzle #W1628 - 1.5mm orfice 
NZ1629  Mitsubish Nozzle #W1629 - 2.0mm orfice 
NZ2001  Laserdyne Micro Nozzle #603-172-001 
NZ2001-M  Laserdyne Micro Nozzle #603-172-001 - Modified with tapered tip 
NZ2034  Nozzle Tip, Mazak 40mm w/ .060" orfice 
NZ2162  Nozzle Tip, Graphite .90" length x .50" diameter 
NZ2280  Trupmf Nozzle tip #352280 (124561/C) w/ chrome..0.8mm Orfice 
NZ2281  Trupmf Nozzle tip #352281 (124562/C) w/ chrome..1.0mm Orfice 

Trupmf Nozzle tip #352283 (237497 HP-C) w/ chrome..1.4mm Orfice

NZ267  Mitsubishi nozzle, 2mm Single orfice.. 
NZ269  Mitsubishi Nozzle holder (Shield Cup).. 
NZ270  Mitsubishi nozzle, 2.0mm orfice, 8-hole 
NZ3001-1.5  Nozzle tip, Laserdyne / Lumonics..P/N#605-213-001 / 1.5mm orfice 
NZ3001-1.75  Nozzle tip, Laserdyne/Lumonics P/N#605-213-002 / 1.75mm orfice 
NZ375160  Copper Nozzle w/ flats, 3.75" long Tip x .160" thk Flange x .250" thread length..(Made to customer Print) 

Mitsubishi Nozzle, 2mm orfice, 4-hole..

NZ3960-001  NTC Ceramic Coated Nozzle 1.5mm 
NZ3960-002  NTC Ceramic Coated nozzle 2.0mm 

Nozzle Tip, Laserdyne, 601-614-001 / .060 orfice

NZ4002  Nozzle Tip, Laserdyne, 601-614-002 / .040 orfice 

Nozzle Tip, Laserdyne, 601-614-003 / .080 orfice

NZ4003M  Modified Nozzle Tip, Laserdyne, 610-614-003 / (approx) .100 orfice, .850" Overall Length 

Trumpf Break Away Disc # 234485


Trupmf Nozzle tip #124561..0.8mm Orfice


Trupmf Nozzle tip #124562..1.0mm Orfice

NZ6933  Trumpf Nozzle tip, #126933..2.3mm Orfice 

Laserdyne Nozzle # 604-387-001

NZ7497 Trupmf Nozzle tip #237497..1.4mm Orfice
NZ7497S  Trupmf Nozzle tip #237497S..1.4mm H.P. Orfice 
NZ7500  Trupmf Nozzle tip #237500..1.5mm H.P. Orfice 
NZ7503  Trupmf Nozzle tip #237503..2.0mm H.P. Orfice 
NZ8550  Nozzle Tip, Trumpf 778550, 1.2mm Orfice.. 
NZ8893  Trupmf Thick Sheet Nozzle tip #088893..1.5mm Orfice 
NZ9074  Cinncinati Nozzle, 1.5" (Gasket tips) P/N# 907470 
NZ9096  Nozzle Tip, Cincinnati 1.5mm (.060") orfice with O-ring (#909660) 
NZ9103  Nozzle Tip, Cincinnati 2.0mm (.080") orfice with O-ring (#910315) 

NTC Ceramic Nozzle Holder


NTC Aluminum Nozzle Holder

SBNZ150  Side Blow Nozzle, Mazak, 1.5mm (.060) 

Side Blow Nozzle, Mazak, 2mm (.080)

SBNZ250  Side Blow Nozzle, Mazak, 2.5mm (.100") 
SBNZ300 Side Blow Nozzle, Mazak, 3.0mm (.120")
TRPF0432   Laser Shield - HPT Shroud, Brass, .014 thk x 1/4 x 4 1/2..Made to Customer Print VP-1028 
TRPF4485  Trumpf Breakaway Plate #234485 
TRPF6153 Trump Plastic Cap #256153

Convergent Beam Aligner - Material: 6061 Aluminum (Black Anodized Finish), 2.25" Overall lgth, Sec 1: 1.246 OD x 1.009" ID x 1.250" lgth, Sec 2: 1.479" OD x 1.148" ID x 1.00" lght..Make to Print 

LDYN9002 Laserdyne Ceramic Insulator #601-859-002

Complete Lens Holder Assembly w/ ZnSe Meniscus Lens,  1.1" x .085 x 2.5" fl, AR/AR Coated @ 10.6 

LH12301  Lens Holder  - for 1.1" dia lens assy..complete with 2 inner tightening rings & tension ring 
LHB21311  Brush for cleaning KCL salt windows 
LHC28150  Lens Holder Snap-On-Cover, for Salt window (1.1" dia x .150") 

Lens Holder Assembly - spanner wrench..(Material-25% Glass Filled Noryl)

SM1006  Laser Shield, Half Hard Copper, .030 Thk..Made to Customer Print VP-1006 Rev F 
SM1018  Laser Shield, Annealed Copper .040 thk,..Made to customer print VP-1018 Rev B 
SM1019  Laser Shield, Annealed Copper, .030 Thk..Made to Customer Print VP-1019 
SM1024  Laser Shield, Annealed Copper .050 Thk,..Made to Customer Print VP-1024 
SM1025  Laser Shield, Annealed Copper, .100 Thk..Made to Customer Print VP-1025 Rev D 
SM1028  Laser Shield - HPT Shroud, Brass, .014 thk x 1/4 x 4 1/2..Made to Customer Print VP-1028 
WR742  Steel Spanner Wrench - designed for lens assy.