Laser Nozzles

  • Laser Nozzle Housings
  • Laser Nozzle Tips
  • Laser Nozzle Body’s
  • Laser Nozzle Insulators (Ceramic)
  • Laser Nozzle Tips made Special
  • Laser Nozzle Tips Modified Chrome Plated
  • Laser Nozzles Copper
  • Laser Nozzles Aluminum
  • Laser Nozzles Graphite Laser Nozzles

We can also re-engineer any optic you currently use if we do not already have it.

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Laser Nozzles OEM Reference OEM Reference Length Orfice Description
MZK0517 Mazak 46603350517 1.7mm Nozzle Tip 1.7mm – Mazak
MZK0850 Mazak 46683300850 Copper Nozzle Body – Mazak
MZK1110 Mazak 46683301110 Central Copper Body (Lower Bracket) – Mazak
NZ0042 Rofin 2.779″ x .316″ x 1.009″ 0.221″ Rofin CO20 (LSM240) Brass Nozzle, Brass w/ solder lugs
NZ0058 Cincinnati PLCFFN0058 0.040″ Cincinnati Nozzle Tip
NZ0423 Lasag Lasag Graphite Nozzle
NZ0565 280565 Precitec Ceramic Nozzle Holder
NZ06091 Laserdyne 6.125″ x 1.346″ Laserdyne Nozzle tip, Brass, ..nx/9x nozzle, 6.125″ long x 1.346″ dia..Made to customer Print
NZ0682 Laser Mechanisms PLGJT0682 9mm x .5 thread 1.5mm Laser Mechanisms Nozzle 9mm x .5 thread
NZ0880 IPG 216-20880-B .665″ x .315″ 0.079″ IPG Laser Copper Nozzle #216-20880-B – .665″ length x .315″ OD / .311″  x .079″ ID Tapered
NZ0881 IPG 216-20881-B 1.217″ x .315″ / .236″ 0.079″ IPG Laser Copper Nozzle #216-20881-B – 1.217″ length x .315″ OD / .236″ x .079″ ID Tapered
NZ1001 Laserdyne 603-271-001 2.96″ x .725″ 0.045″ Laserdyne Copper Nozzle 1.2mm orfice (Tapered Tip)
NZ1002-1.2 Laserdyne 603-271-002 2.96″ x .725″ 0.045″ Laserdyne Copper Nozzle 1.2mm orfice (Straight Tip)
NZ1002-1.5 Laserdyne 603-271-002 2.96″ x .725″ 0.060″ Laserdyne Copper Nozzle 1.5mm orfice (Tapered Tip)
NZ1002-2.0 Laserdyne 603-271-002 2.96″ x .725″ 0.080″ Laserdyne Copper Nozzle 2.0mm orfice (Tapered Tip)
NZ1252 Mitsubishii 2.5mm Mitsubishi nozzle
NZ16012 Raytheon 0.655″ 0.050″ Raytheon Aluminum Nozzle
NZ16062 Raytheon 1.73″ 0.062″ Raytheon Aluminum Nozzle
NZ16062-M Raytheon 1.73″ 0.062″ Raytheon Aluminum Nozzle – Modified with no flange
NZ16063 Raytheon 1.73″ 0.062″ Raytheon Copper Nozzle
NZ16064 Raytheon 1.73″ 0.032″ Raytheon Copper Nozzle
NZ1626 Mitsubishi W1626 1.0mm Mitsubish Nozzle
NZ1627 Mitsubishi W1627 1.2mm Mitsubish Nozzle
NZ1628 Mitsubishi W1628 1.5mm Mitsubish Nozzle
NZ1629 Mitsubishi W1629 2.0mm Mitsubish Nozzle
NZ2001 Laserdyne 603-172-001 1.4mm Laserdyne Micro Nozzle
NZ2001-M Laserdyne 603-172-001 1.4mm Laserdyne Micro Nozzle / modified with tapered tip
NZ2034 Nozzle 0.060″ Nozzle Tip, Mazak 40mm
NZ2081 Winbro M1113-0182 60mm x 14mm .9mm  Winbro Copper Nozzle
NZ2162 Nozzle .90″ x .50″ Nozzle Tip, Graphite
NZ2280 Trumpf 352280 .08mm Trupmf Nozzle tip #352280 (124561/C) w/ chrome
NZ2281 Trumpf 352281 1.0mm Trupmf Nozzle tip #352281 (124562/C) w/ chrome
NZ2283 Trumpf 352283 1.4mm Trupmf Nozzle tip #352283 (237497 HP-C) w/ chrome.
NZ267 Mitsubishii 2mm Mitsubishi nozzle,
NZ269 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Nozzle holder (Shield Cup)..
NZ270 Mitsubishi 2mm Mitsubishi nozzle,  8-hole
NZ3001-1.5 Laserdyne/Lumonics 605-213-001 1.5mm Nozzle tip, Laserdyne / Lumonics.
NZ3001-1.75 Laserdyne/Lumonics 605-213-002 1.75mm Nozzle tip, Laserdyne/Lumonics
NZ375160 Copper 3.75″ x .160″ x .250″ Copper Nozzle w/ flats
NZ390 Mitsubishi 2mm Mitsubishi Nozzle, 2mm orfice, 4-hole..
NZ3960-001 NTC 1.5mm NTC Ceramic Coated Nozzle 1.5mm
NZ3960-002 NTC 2.0mm NTC Ceramic Coated nozzle 2.0mm
NZ4001 Laserdyne 601-614-001 .060″ Nozzle Tip, Laserdyne
NZ4002 Laserdyne  601-614-002 .040″ Nozzle Tip, Laserdyne
NZ4003 Laserdyne 601-614-003 .080″ Nozzle Tip, Laserdyne
NZ4003M Laserdyne  610-614-003 0.850″ 0.100″ Modified Nozzle Tip, Laserdyne, 610-614-003 / (approx) .100 orfice, .850″ Overall Length
NZ4561 Trumpf 124561 .8mm Trumpf Nozzle tip
NZ4562 Trumpf 124562 1.0mm Trumpf Nozzle tip
NZ6933 Trumpf 126933 1.0mm Trumpf Nozzle tip
NZ7001 Laserdyne  604-387-001 Laserdyne Nozzle
NZ7497 Trumpf 237497 1.4mm Trumpf Nozzle tip
NZ7497S Trumpf 237497S 1.4mm Trumpf Nozzle tip
NZ7500 Trumpf 237500 1.5mm Trumpf Nozzle tip
NZ7503 Trumpf 237503 2.0mm Trumpf Nozzle tip
NZ8550 Trumpf 778550 1.2mm Nozzle Tip, Trumpf
NZ8893 Trumpf 88893 1.5mm Trumpf Thick Sheet Nozzle tip
NZ9000 Strippitti 1001019-000 1.0mm Strippitt Nozzle
NZ9074 Cincinnati 907470 Cinncinati Nozzle, 1.5″ (Gasket tips)
NZ9096 Cincinnati 909660 1.5mm Nozzle Tip, Cincinnati 1.5mm (.060″) orfice with O-ring (#909660)
NZ9103 Cincinnati 910315 2.0mm Nozzle Tip, Cincinnati 2.0mm (.080″) orfice with O-ring (#910315)
NZH2632-G01 NTC NTC Ceramic Nozzle Holder
NZH2632-G01A NTC NTC Aluminum Nozzle Holder
SBNZ150 Mazak 1.5mm Side Blow Nozzle, Mazak, 1.5mm (.060)
SBNZ200 Mazak 2mm Side Blow Nozzle, Mazak, 2mm (.080)
SBNZ250 Mazak 2.5mm Side Blow Nozzle, Mazak, 2.5mm (.100″)
SBNZ300 Mazak 3.0mm Side Blow Nozzle, Mazak, 3.0mm (.120″)
TRPF0430 Trumpf  258809-A Trumpf Ceramic Nozzle Holder
TRPF0432 Trumpf 260432 Trumpf Ceramic Nozzle Holder