About Clear Beam Corp.

Clear Beam Corporation is a manufacturer of laser optical components, located in Pickens, South Carolina. A Family owned business that has rapidly grown through our customer’s satisfaction and recommendations. Our quality, prompt service and concern for our customers are the pride of our company. We maintain a wide range of optics and have an extensive inventory.

Optical Components were our main source of products to offer the laser industry when we started our business 3 years ago. Today, thanks to our customer’s involvement and their inventory needs, we have expanded our inventory 1500% and this does not include the inventory designated for our customers with blanket orders.

PrismWe are currently working with our customers to be their own personal stockroom. With Blanket orders, we maintain a minimum of 2 months supply of inventory on our shelves assigned only for that specific customer. Blanket order will only benefit your company with supply and cost savings.

Our customer’s satisfaction and continued involvement help us to achieve the price and delivery they expect. We will also reengineer any optic you currently use if we do not already have it.