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Yag Fiber Optic Cables

FOC1000-R                Fiber Optic Cable..Repair ends (repolish) - leave ends..For Dymax laser..(Please evalute and call with pricing) 
FOC1025-N Lumonics JK26 - (600 x 15m TST) Fiber Optic Cable..NEW Fiber Optic Cable - Made to Lumonics Specs / ..Lumonics Part# P44J1500B 
FOC1025-R  Lumonics JK26 - (600x15m TST) Fiber Optic Cable Repaired to Lumonics specs /..Lumonics Part# P44J1500B..Part# LUM1025R 
FOC10500-N  Lumonics Multiwave 500 - New Fiber Optic Cable,  Lumonics Part# P44W9130X - 800 micron x 15 meters..Losch LD-80R  P/N# 0032-8S15-341 
FOC10500R  Lumonics Multiwave 500 -(800um x 15m) Fiber Optic Cable..800 micron fiber..Repaired to Lumonics specs..Lumonics part# P44W9130X - 800 micron x 15 meters 
FOC1140-R  Trumpf - (600 x 20m) Fiber Optic Cable Repaired to Trumpf specs 
FOC12000R  Lumonics Multiwave 2000 - (1000um x 15m) Fiber optic cable ..1000 micron fiber..Repaired to Lumonics specs